Asieris Debuted Cevira® at 2019 COGA

In the midsummer of Nanjing, Asieris Pharmaceuticals debuted Cevira®, a new treatment being developed for treating cervical dysplasia with independent intellectual property rights, at the 2019 Congress of Chinese Obstetricians and Gynecologists (COGA) and officially enters the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

(2019 COGA Main Venue)

Currently surgical resection is the most common treatment option for women with cervical dysplasia. Women of childbearing age have a high medical need for a non-surgical treatment that preserves the cervical function. To date, there are no approved non-surgical treatment products in the world. Cevira® has the potential to fill the gap in this field. Cevira® is a photodynamic drug-device combination product that is being developed for non-surgical treatment of high-grade cervical dysplasia. The treatment is based on photodynamic therapy combining a photosensitizer with activation by light of a specific wavelength. This innovative product will provide a new treatment alternative for HSIL patients, avoiding the pain and side effects of surgical operation. It is a break-through therapy.

In the meantime, Cevira® is very convenient to use in the clinic. It’s easy to be applied intravaginally by a gynecologist. The patient can leave the clinic immediately and go back to daily activities, easily removing the device when the treatment is completed. Patients generally need only one or two treatments. The phase II clinical trials, completed in Europe and United States, have shown significant efficacy and safety.

Asieris held an Advisory Board Meeting on phase III clinical development plan of Cevira® during the COGA. The meeting was chaired by Academician Lang Jinghe of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and Professor Chen Fei of Peking Union Medical College Hospital as the executive chairman. Nearly ten top domestic experts attended the Advisory Board Meeting. During the meeting, the Asieris team and experts conducted in-depth discussion on Cevira® and its clinical development strategies. The experts fully affirmed that Cevira® is a very promising product. If further development demonstrates encouraging data, it is expected to be included in the clinical diagnosis and treatmentguidelines. This non-surgical treatment which preserves cervical function will be a breakthrough treatment of cervical precancerous lesions.

(Asieris team with some AB meeting participants)

Asieris plans to launch a global clinical development program with an initial focus on the China market. The development for U.S. and the EU markets will follow. Meanwhile, Asieris will assume responsibility for the manufacture of the Cevira® product.

In addition to the meeting with experts, Cevira®’s debut at Asieris’ booth was a splendor. Many doctors and experts have shown great interests in Cevira® and looked forward to its future. It is hoped that this breakthrough non-surgical treatment for cervical precancerous lesions, which preserves cervical function, will be launched as soon as possible and bring good news to female patients.

(Asieris’ booth)