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Asieris Pharmaceuticals today announced it has been awarded “the Top 100 China Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises” at the 2020 Hangzhou China Healthcare Summit of Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Investors…
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Asieris Pharmaceuticals announced today that the first patient was enrolled in and administered the global, multi-centered Phase III clinical trial of its photodynamic drug-device combination product, APL-1702 (Cevira®)….
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Today Asieris Pharmaceuticals announced the completion of their Series D Round of financing. This round of funding was led by Qiming Venture Partners, and joined by YF Capital, CICC Transfer Fund, V-Capital, Hengxu Capital, Homsun…
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“This Phase III clinical trial for the first-line treatment of NMIBC, a key step to verify the advantages and characteristics of APL-1202, is another milestone of Asieris,” commented Dr. Kevin Pan, founder and CEO of Asieris…
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APL-1501, which is independently developed by the Prodrug Accurate Drug Delivery (PADD) platform of Asieris, is an oral sustained-release product based on….
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Asieris has received Clinical Trial Approval (CTA) from China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for the global, multi-centered Phase III clinical trial of its photodynamic drug-device…
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Bladder cancer and other genitourinary tumors, Tumor immunotherapy…

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APL-1202, APL-1702, APL-1301, APL-1401, APL-1501

Using the world’s leading drug R&D concepts to establish a unique drug R&D system

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