Asieris Awarded Best Poster at AUA 2018 Annual Meeting

SHANGHAI, China. May 30, 2018 — Asieris Pharmaceuticals (Asieris) today announced winning of Best Poster award at the 113th American Urological Association (AUA) 2018 annual meeting held during May 18-21, 2018,in San Francisco.

Asieris’ collaboration researcher Professor Huang Peng from Medical School of Okayama University was invited to make an oral presentation at the meeting to share results from the Asieris funded pre-clinical study, in which prostate cancer was treated with the combination of APL-1202 and PD-1 antibody. The results showed that APL-1202 could improve the efficacy of PD-1 antibody in amouse orthotopic prostate cancer xenograft, suggesting APL-1202 may play an important role in promoting anti-tumor immunity. These results also suggested that APl-1202 holds potentialfor the treatment of prostate cancer.

About APL-1202

APL-1202 is a first-in-class, reversible and orally administered methionine aminopeptidase II (metaP2) inhibitor (metaP2 is known for its roles in angiogenesis and tumor proliferation). Asieris have in-licensed the global intellectual property rights of APL-1202. A Phase II trialof APL-1202 has been completed in 2017 and the results showed preliminary efficacy inrelapsed, high-risk NMIBC patients. A Pivotal Trial of APL-1202 is currently underway. APL-1202 has been supported by China’s 12th and 13th“National 5-Year important Innovations” drug development projects.

About AUA

Founded in 1902, American Urological Association (AUA) is the world’s leading institutionin urological surgery. It has more than 22000 members. Through education, research, and development of health care policy, the AUA urinary experts ensure that patients from all over the world receive the highest standard of treatment. AUA publishesa variety ofrenounced journals including the Journal of Urology. AUA’s Annual Meeting, organized annually by AUA, attracts thousands of professionals from more than 100 countries and regions,and is the world’s largest and most influential urological surgery conference.The meeting also showcases pioneering research, new treatment guidelines, and the latest advances in urology medicines.