Asieris and ReviR Enter into Research Collaboration Agreement to Discover Oncology Therapeutics Based on ReviR’s Comprehensive Approach to RNA-targeting Technologies

Shanghai, China, February 8, 2023 – Asieris Pharmaceuticals (688176.SH), a global biopharma company specializing in discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative drugs for the treatment of genitourinary tumors and other related diseases, today announced a research collaboration and option-to-license agreement with ReviR Therapeutics, a privately held developer of a suite of small molecule RNA-targeting technologies for cancer and other genetically-defined diseases. This collaboration aims to discover and develop innovative treatments for genitourinary (GU) tumors and other related serious diseases, leveraging ReviR’s proprietary RNA-targeting technologies.

The collaboration will include multiple oncology targets, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. According to the agreement, Asieris will utilize ReviR’s innovative RNA modulation technologies, named BindeR and SpliceR, to identify and develop new therapeutics that target RNA to treat GU and related cancers.

ReviR combines computational and high throughput drug discovery technologies with the goal of delivering next-generation medicines to patients. Its VoyageR AI platform integrates computational approaches to discover traditionally undruggable RNA targets. Initially, ReviR’s focus is in CNS, oncology, and genetically defined disease indications. Asieris will be able to use ReviR’s VoyageR AI platform to accelerate its discovery and development process in treating GU tumors and other related serious diseases.

“Asieris is a global biopharma company specializing in the development of GU oncology therapies, and we are excited to be working with them to discover new treatments for indications of interest,” stated Paul August, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of ReviR Therapeutics. “Our BindeR and SpliceR platform technologies have the potential to advance therapeutics for undruggable cancer targets, and we believe this collaboration will accelerate the discovery of new treatments for patients.”

“The cooperation with Asieris will provide ReviR with access to specialized knowledge and resources to validate the effectiveness of our RNA targeted small molecule platforms” said Peng Yue, Ph.D., CEO of ReviR Therapeutics. “Such collaboration will enable us to partake in synergistic endeavors with a highly proficient team of seasoned experts at Asieris, which would undoubtedly lead to novel discoveries and breakthroughs in the small molecule, RNA targeting field. As the first of many partnerships to come for ReviR, we believe that this collaboration will greatly augment our efforts to enhance patient outcomes and further the field of cancer research.”

“We are pleased to be collaborating with ReviR, an innovative biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of RNA-targeting small molecule therapies,” said Alice Chen, Ph.D., Vice President of Discovery Biology and Head of Translational Research at Asieris. “We believe that our in-house R&D expertise on small molecule oncology drug discovery, combined with ReviR’s proprietary RNA-targeting technologies, will speed up our delivery of treatment benefits to patients. We will continue to adhere to our differentiated R&D strategy, focus on genitourinary tumors and related diseases, and continue to expand the global reach of our innovation to deliver novel drug products for patients in China and globally.”


About ReviR

ReviR Therapeutics is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of RNA-targeting small molecule therapies for the treatment of cancer and other serious genetically-defined diseases. The company is utilizing cutting-edge technologies to develop therapies that functionally modulate the target RNA, with the goal of developing disease modifying therapies that are efficacious, safer, and more selective. The company’s initial focus is to apply BindeR, SpliceR, and DegradeR RNA modulation technologies towards RNA targets of genetic diseases with limited or no treatment options. ReviR Therapeutics was founded in 2021 by leaders in computational biology, AI/ML, RNA biology, and drug discovery. The company is based in San Francisco, CA and Shenzhen, China. For more information, visit our website or email


About Asieris

Asieris Pharmaceuticals (688176.SH), founded in March 2010, is a global biopharma company specializing in discovering, developing and commercializing innovative drugs for the treatment of genitourinary tumors and other related diseases. We strive to improve human health and help people live a more dignified life. We aim to become a global pharma leader that integrates R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization in our areas of focus, as we provide best-in-class integrated diagnosis and treatment solutions for patients in China and worldwide.

The company has been developing its proprietary R&D platform and core technologies, exploring new mechanisms of action, and efficiently screening and evaluating drug candidates. With a well-established in-house R&D system and expertise in global drug development, Asieris is committed to launching first-in-class drugs and other innovative products to address huge unmet needs in its areas of focus.

Asieris is also enhancing its pipeline for genitourinary diseases via proprietary R&D and strategic partnerships, while closely following cutting-edge technologies and therapeutics. The company strives to discover and identify unmet medical needs, and adopts a forward-looking approach in product planning and life-cycle management. We aim to establish an outstanding portfolio that covers diagnosis and treatment in a bid to benefit more patients in China and globally. For more information about Asieris, please visit us at