Technology Platform

With 10+ years' rapid growth, Asieris has built an R&D system covering new drug and mechanism discovery, preclinical development, pharmaceutical and translational research, China and international multi-center clinical study, and global regulations and registration support.


Targeted Immunomodulator Normalization

Platform for tumor immunotherapy and new drug development for autoimmune diseases.


Prodrugs Accurate Drug Delivery

Combining prodrug chemical structural modification and delivery system to better address deficiencies of existing therapies.


Fragment-Based Assembling & Selectively Targeting Chimeras

Establish a library of linker-E3 ligand molecular fragments with high DMPK performance to improve the drugability of PROTAC/molecular glue molecules. Apply the established molecular fragment library to the design and screening of different target protein degradation agents to accelerate the development of new degradation agent drugs.