Asieris Pharmaceuticals is invited to present at the China Bio Partnership Forum 2016

The ChinaBio Partnership Forum is by far the largest, most influential deal-making oriented event in the life sciences industries. The ChinaBio 2016 will be held between May 18-19, 2016, in Suzhou. It is expected to attract leading companies in life sciences and pharmaceuticals around the world and hundreds of domestic venture capitalists specialized in new technologies.

Asieris Pharmaceuticals is honored to be invited to present at this event and Dr. Kevin Pan, Chairman and CEO of Asieris Pharmaceuticals, will give a “road show”. In addition to the latest findings from the ongoing investigation of the anti-bladder cancer drug APL-1202, Dr. Pan will reveal for the first time to the world the results from another anti-cancer drug APL-1401, which possesses a novel immuno-therapeutic mechanism of action.